View from a Seaplane friendly restaurantEver wonder as you fly along where you could drop in for a quick lunch, or where you could plan a nice day trip for the only day you’ve had off in weeks? Ever rack your brains for the name of the little burger place on that funny shaped lake northeast of Orr where they have cute cabins and great food? Look no farther my friends! Welcome to Seaplane Destinations!

What follows are suggestions the Association can recommend as great destinations where you can satisfy your love for float flying, get a good meal or play a round of golf, and relax for a while.

The criteria for making this list are these:

  1. Seaplane suitable facilities
  2. Seaplane friendly staff and owners
  3. Good Food
  4. Recreation and lodging opportunities

Sound interesting? Well, sit back and let us take you there!

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Browse by Area:

Central Minnesota:

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Arrowwood Lodge
Lake Darling, Alexandria Mn. 
45.921N / 94.408W

Russel’s on the Lake
Big Lake, Mn.
Good food, Deck overlooking sand beach, busy on weekends.         
45.333N / 93.750W

The Blue Goose
Lake Mille Lacs, Garrison, Mn.
Smooth pebbly beach across Hwy 169 from the “Goose”.  
46.291N /93.825W

Melvin’s on the Lake
Green Lake, New London, Spicer, Mn.
Sand beach, 5mi. N of Willmar, SW corner of lake.
DQ and several other food options nearby.
45.231N / 94.936W

Long Lake, 10 Mi North of St. Francis, Mn.
Easy docks, middle of the lake on the west shore.
45.473N / 93.351W

Water’s Edge Restaurant
Lake Minnewashka, Starbuck, Mn.
Big sand beach, west end of lake, swimming, airport across the street w/ nice grass runways, Great 4th of July fly-in each year.
45.598N / 95.531W

Bruno’s Supper Club
Long Lake,  Burtrum, Mn.
Very nice with great specials
45.890N / 94.730W

Captain Dan’s Crows Nest Resort
Knife Lake,  Mora, Mn.
Bowes Landing
45.987N / 93.279W

Zorbaz at the Beach
Detroit Lakes, MN
Big sand beach.
46.807N / 95.851W

PJ’S Supper Club, 320-356-7269
Fishers Supper Club, 320-356-7372, one block south.
North east corner of Middle Spunk Lake,  Avon, MN
45.610N / 94.455W     
(There is a very nice public dock on Lower Spunk Lake, across the road.)

Four Hundred Supper Club
Pleasant Lake,  St.Cloud MN
45.500N / 94.280W

Ridgewood Bay Resort
Elk Lake,   Zimmerman Mn.
45.491N / 93.630W

Rich Spring Golf Course
Schneiders Lake, Cold Spring Mn.
45.45N – 94.16W

Rock Tavern
Big Birch Lake,  Grey Eagle, Mn.
45.788N / 94.736W

The Landing
Pelican Lake,  Avon, MN (10mi. NW of St Cloud)
45.659N / 94.490W

Waterfront Bar & Supper Club
Clearwater Lake, Annandale Mn.
45.314N / 94.157W          


Brainerd Lakes:

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“Chase on the Lake”, Historic Resort, Leech Lake, Walker, Mn, 218-547-7777.
Sand beach, next to public dock, several other café’s, bars, shops within walking distance of downtown area.
47.103N / 94.582W

“Breezy Point” West shore of Pelican Lake, Breezy Point, Mn. 800-432-3777.
Protected lagoon, beaches, golf, several restaurants, asphalt airstrip nearby.
46.595N / 94.208W

“Manhattan Beach”, East end of Big Trout Lake, Cross Lake, Mn. 218-692-3381.
Call ahead about beaching or docking. Golf, lodging, and recreational packages available.
46.725N / 94.131W

“Zorbaz on Cross Lake” North Cross Lake, Cross Lake, Mn. 218-692-4567.
Mexican dining, and docks.
46.678N / 94.111W

“Zorbaz on Big Sandy” Mc Gregor, Mn. 218-426-3665
Land in channel or on lake to the east and taxi in. Docks and shoreline.
46.722N / 93.304W

“Zorbaz Ottertail”, Ottertail Lake, Battle Lake, Mn. 218-864-5979.
Traditional Zorbaz fare, docks.
46.362N / 95.737W

“Zorbaz on the Lake”, Gull Lake, Nisswa, Mn. 218-963-4790.
Land in channel north of bridge, taxi to docks. Check their other locations too!
46.511N / 94.345W

“Iven’s on the Bay”, North Long Lake, Brainerd, Mn, 218-829-9872.
46.429N / 94.300W

“Moonlite Bay Restaurant”, North Cross Lake, Cross Lake, Mn. 218-692-3575.
Docks, live entertainment on weekends, good food.
46.698N / 94.117W

“Ernie’s”, north of Squaw Point on Gull Lake, Brainerd, Mn. 218-829-3918.
Docks, food and drinks.
46.423N / 94.360W

“Bar Harbor Supper Club” Gull Lake, Nisswa, Mn. 218-963-2568.
South of bridge, Live music most nights, docks.
46.508N / 94.349W

“The Quarterdeck Resort” West shore Gull Lake, Nisswa, Mn. 218-963-2482.
Docks and beaching spots.
46.448N / 94.363W

“Madden’s Resort”, Gull Lake, Brainerd, Mn. 800-642-5363.
They have it all. Lodging, golf, dining, docks and beaches! Shuttle service to 8Y2, East Gull Lake airport.
46.396N / 94.373W

“Grandview Lodge” North shore of Gull Lake, Nisswa, Mn. 218-963-2234.
Family resort and spa, golf, dining, beaches.
46.491N / 94.315W

“Cragun’s Resort” Gull Lake, Brainerd, Mn. 218-829-3591.
Lodging, golf, boat rentals, and buffet dinners. Shuttle service to 8Y2 East Gull lake airport.
46.391N / 94.369W

“The Landing” Lake Alexander, West of Camp Ripley, Cushing, Mn.
Great quality wine and dining. 218-575-3015.
46.209N / 94.500W


Western Wisconsin:

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Madeline Island, Sand beach to east of public ferry dock with some large rocks in         clear water. These three establishments are nearby in town.  46.779N / 90.788W.
The airport at Madeline island is a half mile up the Airport Road.

“Tom’s Burned Down Café” LaPorte, WI, 715-747-6100,                                                                                      

“The Pub”, LaPorte, WI, 800-822-6315

“Bell Street Tavern”, LaPorte, WI, 715-747-2700

“Paradise Landing” Balsam Lake, WI,  715-485-3210.
Easy docks, sand beach east of and behind docks.
45.455N / 92.427W

“Meister’s Grill & Bar”, Cedar Lake, New Richmond, Wi. 715-248-7012.
45.201N / 92.575W

“Gilligan’s Bar” Pokegama Lake, Chetec, Wi. 715-924-3105.
Land north of the bridge, docks. Ski Fly-in every February.
45.326N / 91.634W

“Northwoods Brewpub and Grill” Pokegama Lake, Chetec, Wi. 715-552-0510.
Across the bridge from Gilligan’s.
45.326N / 91.634W

“Harbor View Pub & Eatery” Long Lake, Phillips, Wi. 715-339-2626.
Sand beach, seaplane friendly, good food & entertainment.
45.702N / 90.415W


Hayward Wisconsin Area:

“Famous Dave’s” Round Lake, Hayward, Wi. 888-774-2674.
The original “Dave’s”. New docks with tall poles, not good. Small beach to right of docks enough for 1 aircraft.
45.993N / 91.311W

“Chief Lake Lodge” Chief Lake (Chippewa Flowage) Hayward, Wi.
Boat slips along shore, low posts. Good food year round. 715-945-2221.
45.904N / 91.299W

These two fine establishments are right next door to each other!

“Pat’s Landing” Chief Lake, (Chippewa Flowage) Hayward, Wi. 715-945-2511.
Floating docks, low posts, small swimming beach. Good food year round.
45.905N / 91.296W

“Dun Rovin Lodge”, Chippewa Flowage, Hayward, Wi. 715-462-3834.
Protected channel on north shore, floating docks, big slips, small beach.
Year round food and lodging. Great dining and bar.
45.973N / 91.169W

“Lakewoods Resort” Lake Namekagon, Cable, Wi. 800-930-6657.
Private harbor with docks & beachable shoreline. Great bar and grill. Tons of year round action. Golf too!
46.198N / 91.122W

Unless stated, docking, beaching conditions may widely vary from season to season or destination to destination.  A quick call ahead to avoid a disappointing outing at an unfamiliar destination is recommended.

MSPA has offered this list for your enjoyment and convenience. The list consists of locations that our members have visited themselves, and recommend. Please remember we cannot possibly visit each restaurant, dock or beach and insure that there are no perils for floatplane operations. Please exercise due diligence when planning your trip or making the necessary flyovers to ensure the safety of your aircraft and passengers. Web site links and phone numbers are listed for each location to help you plan a safe and enjoyable outing. Have a great flight!

Please remember, most if not all of these fine destinations are open all year to service the vast winter sport industry our beautiful state has to offer. Don't pass up the opportunity to stop in on skis or wheels when the ice is safe, to enjoy their hospitality.